Fabian was born with two congenital heart defects and has had to undergo multiple heart surgeries. The family had asked to have the boys’ room be remodeled so it would be more comfortable for Fabian. They wanted to setup everything during his 3rd surgery so that when he got back home, his bedroom would be real nice for him.

The Bedroom that Fabian shares with his brother Angelo had got a little crowded. Nemo, Sherrif Woody Pride and characters from the Pixar movie “Cars” moved in with the brothers after a handful of volunteers remodeled their room on Sunday as part of the charity wish granted to the Berrios family.

It was the Berrios family wish that the room be remodeled not only to look better, but to make things more comfortable for 3 year old Fabian. The toddler had outgrown his crib, plus needed a humidifier to help with his health issues. As medical bills mounted, it was hard to stay afloat financially let alone pay for a much needed remodeling project.

The Wish Upon The North Star (WUNS) charity provided the funds and Alaska State Trooper Lt Lonny Piscoya, deputy commander of D Detachment in Fairbanks, provided the backbone to get the boys’ room a make-over. A handful of Fairbanks State troopers, employees and family members spent five hours in the Berrios family’s Fairbanks home. They were joined by Adam Nash, a recent graduate from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Tanana Valley Law Enforcement Academy.

The group fixed outlets and the ceiling light. They added a humidifier, a nice toy box, a fan, two floor lamps and two brand new beds and mattresses, complete with new bedding with Pixar animated movie characters. The aging television was replaced with a flat screen that now hangs on the wall. The room was totally repainted and a border with “Finding Nemo” characters running along the walls.

While the work of a group of volunteers may have taken five hours on a Sunday afternoon, the results will register forever on the minds of the little boys and the family they helped. Piscoy said the reaction from Fabian’s mother when she saw the finished room was priceless.

“She was teary eyed and couldn’t believe it. That 15 seconds of reaction on her face made the five hours of work worth it,” Piscoya said Tuesday. “The real benefit will be when he comes back after the operation, which happens tomorrow.

“She and her son’s name are no longer just names on a WUNS application,” he said.

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