People Behind The Wish

Our board of directors is a hands-on, locally-based working board, a group of long-time Alaskans that meet once a month to discuss wish applications and strategies for fulfilling those wishes. Over the years, board members have worked quietly behind the scenes to find children in need, interview the children and their families, and coordinate children’s wishes. Wish Upon the North Star is proud to claim many Alaskan businesses, professionals and individuals as long-term supporters.

“To grant a wish makes another heart beat stronger, knowing that you’ve made tomorrow bright for someone else. My goal is to know the joy of seeing that every child in need has a tomorrow to look forward to and a memory to cherish.” Birte Eliasen “Each wish child is very special and it is inspiring to see them so happy. I will always be devoted to “Wish Upon the North Star”. Ronald Rice “Initially, there was a doubt as to whether I had the inner strength to be able to deal with children afflicted with life threatening illnesses. The innocence, love and faith wish exudes from each of them, however, proved to provide the heart-warming guidance needed to help coordinate details and fulfill their wishes. Their smile makes it all worth-while.” Mary Rice “I am committed to all duties and responsibilities of Wish Upon the North Star as we provide wishes without notoriety or compensation.” Ken Odsather

Below is a list of our dedicated board members

  • Birte Eliasen
  • Claudette Olver
  • Gay Odsather
  • Ken Odsather
  • Ron Rice
  • Reeni Calinoff
  • Rhonda Gerharz
  • Rich Owens
  • Vicki Otte